Content Management Systems (CMS)

A Content Management System is a tool that enables you to be in control of the content on your web site without needing to program anything or learn technical skills. A bit like using a word processor, it allows you to add sections and pages to your web site, update text and images on the pages - you don't need to pay your web developers every time you need to make a little change - instead, you're in control!


Many of our clients now have the ability to control some or all of the content on their site. Using databases and forms, clients can now add, edit and delete the content of their site by accessing an administration panel on their website.

Clients have chosen to have their entire site controlled through a content management system, or have chosen to have certain areas of the site editable by themselves.


We have custom created all of the CMS systems to suit the needs of each client. Our general rule is that if the content is going to change more than once or twice a year, it can be beneficial to implement a CMS system.

Full Content Management Systems

Some of our clients wish to have control over almost all of the content on thier site. Working with our clients we have generated a system that allows them to update a diverse array of information on their site.  These areas include:

  • membership information and updates
  • real estate listings
  • course listings
  • event schedules
  • photo galleries
  • slideshows & featured listings
  • news articles
  • generate reports
  • event listings.

Partial Content Management System

Some clients wish to have control over one area of thier site which is updated regularily. This allow the client control over when the content is updated and allows unlimited updated without any additional costs. 

Some examples are:

  • concert listings
  • event listings
  • additional links
  • photo galleries
  • articles
  • training and seminars
  • reservations & registrations
  • newsletters