Specialties: Shopping Carts & E-Commerce

This is the most complicated and varied subject to detail in a brief way. If you have E-Commerce thoughts, it would be best to discuss these with us in detail but here is a little preliminary information.

To sell a service or product thru your web site you will need an account with a Credit Card transaction processing company such as PayPal or Authorize.net to name two. They will process the online transactions for you for a small fee.

Online security is a big issue in most consumer's minds and to create a secure link between you, your customer and the transaction company, it is recommended that you have a SSL certificate so that you can make certain pages on your site that handle the shopping cart, secure. You may have noticed that on certain sites you visit, a message box pops up saying something like "You are now entering a secure site" and see a "lock" icon appear at the bottom of your browser window. These SSL certificates are somewhat expensive (several hundred dollars) although it may be possible to run a smaller site with a "Shared Certificate". Again this should be discussed in more detail.

Basic Shopping Cart

Basic Shopping CartA basic shopping cart is a great option for those with few products for sale. We can create a shopping cart which will handle national and international orders, with different shipping rates and taxes based on the point of purchase.

Multiple payment options are also allowable.

Comprehensive Shopping Cart

ForumsFor clients with many products, or those who wish to maintain thier online store, we would recommend a comprehensive shopping cart.

We have adapted the OS Commerce Shopping Cart to suit our clients needs. In some cases we have created additional functionality within the clients administrative section of the cart.