Web Site Design

The finished look of a web site is a very personal thing. We recommend to our customers to browse the internet and take note of things you like about certain web pages. This will give us a good starting point in designing a site you will be proud and excited about.

Iguana LodgeClayrose can create a site that is search engine friendly, yet designed for your site visitors. For some clients, flashy graphics are appropriate, while for other businesses a clean professional look is best. We will work with you to create the look and feel you want. Clayrose continues to stay abreast of web technologies using CSS, AJAX, PHP, MySQL to create dynamic and responsive websites.

After your web site is created, we can manage your site for you, or help you to manage it on your own.

A good starting point to is to look at some of our existing work to see what we can do for you. Explore our portfolio.

Site Layout

Site LayoutYou want your site to look great. You don't want to have your page take minutes to download as no one will be there when its finished loading.

Incorporating web graphics and CSS (Custom Style Sheets) we can create a beautiful, functional and fast loading site.

Clayrose can create your page with the basic GIF and JPG graphics and animated GIFs that have been the mainstay of web pages since the beginning of the internet, but can also implement some of the newer graphic effects that you will see now.

The layout of this site was created utilizing CSS and web graphics.

Web Multi-Media

Multi-MediaThe web is changing. It is moving from the 28K - 56K modem world to the high speed internet universe. Right now perhaps 10 to 15% of internet users have high speed access but that is changing fast, breaking the chains that have limited users for so long. The high speed universe craves multimedia.

Clayrose can create the multimedia content for your site. Whether it is simple animated GIFs, Macromedia Flash, slideshows, right up to video, Clayrose can meet your needs.

Flash - great option for fast loading animations and over 95% of computers now have this already installed on their computer.

Web Page Sound - this should be used sparingly on a web site but there are instances where it can be quite effective.

Video: Clayrose can convert your video into QuickTime, RealVideo or Windows Media Player files. These can be quite large to download but again in the proper location can be very effective. We have recently upgraded our equipment and we will be posting new samples of what is possible in the next few weeks. One thing to note is that your web hosting service must support these file types for them to work on your web pages. Clayrose's web hosting service does provide this support.